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Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (GHI) is evolving corporate healthcare venture capital by utilizing their healthcare ecosystem strategy.

$500M Evergreen Fund

60+ Digital Health Investments

Investing globally in platform companies with proven technologies or business models where Merck's expertise can accelerate revenue growth and enhance value creation

Connecting innovative companies with complementary technologies to develop integrated healthcare solutions

Leveraging the vast R&D-based, global resources of Merck

Data will be the currency of health care

Combining emerging informational tools with existing health data while leveraging Health IT platforms enables innovative solutions which can improve the quality of health outcomes achieved and lower overall health system costs

Fund Investment Focus Areas

GHI Fund typically invests in the areas described below, with a focus on therapeutic areas aligned with Merck’s strengths in Oncology, CNS, Immunology and Virology.

THERAPY PLANNING - Ensuring delivery of the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Utilizing Diagnostic & Patient Profiling solutions to identify undiagnosed patients, diagnose, and stratify patients. Providing Clinical Decision Support & Care Planning solutions enabling providers with expertise and precise relevant content, helping them make sense of data and provide individualized treatment recommendations.

CARE MANAGEMENT - Ensuring improved outcomes, lower costs, and improved patient satisfaction. Improving Care Coordination by making care plans understandable and manageable, as well as linking clinical data with behavioral data, creating a contextual feedback loop. Providing Patient Education & Engagement solutions to enable providers and patients to jointly achieve desired outcomes. Utilizing Population Health & Monitoring solutions to identify care gaps and improve quality of care while eliminating unnecessary costs.

HEALTH ANALYTICS & AI - Enabling better care by transforming big data into real world evidence through advanced analytics and self-learning platforms. Providing data interoperability, accessibility, and security to enable effective delivery of outcomes.

eCLINICAL TRIALS - Improving site selection and trial subject recruitment by leveraging advances in analytics and social engagement platforms. Improving protocol adherence, helping patients engage with the system before, during and after studies through advances in mobile platforms and remote monitoring technologies.

ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES - Innovative technologies and solutions with the potential to transform biopharmaceutical operations, including solutions for clinical operations, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, supply chain, enterprise architecture, sales and marketing. Also, selective early-stage investments in ‘next horizon’ technologies that have the potential to fundamentally disrupt scale economics of biopharmaceutical operations.

Investing growth capital to accelerate value creation

Typical venture investments have current revenue, are close to profitability, and are seeking growth capital.

Geographic Focus

Investing globally, with a focus on North America & Europe

Company Revenue At Investment
Typical Investment Size

Smallest Investment: $1.5M
Largest Investment: $35M

A portfolio of innovative digital health companies

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Bringing venture mentality along with the benefits of a strategic investor


Digital Health Expertise:

A team with deep expertise in digital health and healthcare operating experience

Focused Investment Model:

Providing expansion capital for existing businesses in a therapeutic and brand-agnostic manner


Ability to Move Quickly:

Streamlined investment process and autonomy to make deals

Focus on Creating Value:

Expert guidance from an experienced, entrepreneurial senior leadership team

Venture Approach:

Incented to create value for our portfolio companies


Merck Capabilities:

Access to leading science, supply chain, commercial channel, marketing and regulatory experts

Global Reach:

Connections to Merck’s global operations and talent in more than 140 countries

Strategic Partnering:

Facilitating collaborative relationships through Strategic Innovation Alliances function